Matt Hardy Blogs About Jeff Leaving WWE, Says Jeff Had Herniated Discs

Matt Hardy has posted a blog talking about his brother Jeff’s departure from WWE. The full blog can be read at Matt’s WWE Universe page. Some highlights:

Matt thanks Jeff for the sacrifices he’s made, calls out Internet writers who don’t give Jeff enough credit and says Jeff helped make CM Punk on his way “out the door”:

“I wanna thank Jeff for literally breaking his back for the sake of our business day in and day out. The fans should think him for all of the unselfish entertainment he has provided them in the past. Jeff would be the first person to admit he’s not perfect-but his love to make children happy, and to make adults “OHH” and “AHH” as he performs for them is second to none. And I mean NONE! Jeff has always been respectful towards his fans, and the majority of fans have respect for him. For any of those “know it all guys” of the IWC that don’t respect Jeff Hardy-you’re all hypocritical ****es. Period. Jeff made one of your favorites, CM Punk, a legitimate main-eventer on Jeff’s way out the door. So maybe you can at least find respect in that fact.”

Matt explains that Jeff’s body needs to rest and reflects on how much they’ve accomplished together in the business:

“Jeff has two herniated disc in his back, suffers from ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’-which makes it hard for him to sleep at night, and also has some nagging neck injuries. He needs time away to heal physically and mentally. As disappointing as it is, look at what Jeff said.. “It’s not goodbye forever, it;s goodbye until next time.” I thank every friend and fan that has supported myself and Jeff from day one, when we were just “extra talent” appearing on WWE programming. No one, and I mean NO ONE thought we would come as far as we did.. And contribute so much to this great business.”

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