Ken Anderson Interview: His Final Days In WWE, Going To TNA & More

Below are some of the highlights from the very candid and revealing interview with Ken Anderson from the Pro Wrestling Report on 540 ESPN Radio. The 90 minute interview can be found in it’s entirety at

His Final Days In WWE: “To be quite honest with you, I really don’t quite understand all the stuff that led up to it. It was a bunch of different things. I had some detractors in WWE obviously. I made some mistakes along the way and I will take full responsibility for those mistakes. The line I was given was that they were not happy with the things that happened that Monday Night and they decided not to go with the Ken Kennedy Character anymore.”

The Backstage WWE Atmosphere: “Your never told anything. It kinda sucked being the talent being in the dark all the time. When certain guys get injured they make a big deal about their return. When I came back I had a match with Scotty Too Hotty, not much of a splash. There are two mountains in the WWE, the mountain that the Undertaker stands on and the mountain the other guy stands on…and it’s not just HHH…You can’t compete with Sunday Brunch. You hear all the horror stories about how WCW died…that’s the way it is now in WWE. Sometimes shows continue to be written after the show has started”

WWE’s View of TNA: “I don’t think that WWE views TNA as a threat at this point. I do think that TNA is very close to breaking through that glass ceiling. There is always room for change. They are about one or two stars away from being a major competitor.”

Whether He Will Go To TNA “I have absolutely no idea at this point…there’s been some talks…it’s just pleasantries at this point. Yes, I would go to TNA…TNA gives guys opportunities…I want an opportunity to show that I can entertain. I want an opportunity to work in that environment”

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