Taz & Victory Road Photos, Angelina Love Says She Was A "Nerd" In High School

— TNA has posted several photos from last night’s Victory Road pay-per-view on their Facebook page. The photos have yet to be posted on the company website. They have also posted the first promo photos of Taz.

— IGN.com recently conducted an interview with reigning TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Angelina Love. Love discusses being a fan of Shawn Michaels, how she was a “nerd” in high school, how she’s always wanted to work with Victoria (a/k/a Tara), new females joining the promotion, if she’s interested in building a career in film, and much more. (IGN Hooks Up With Angelina Love)

— In case you missed it, you can see Sarita’s debut match in TNA last week at the following link.

*VIDEO* of Jenna vs. Sharmell from last night’s PPV (>>)

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