Update On Issues Between Mysterio & WWE, Raw TV Production Change, Hayes

source: www.f4wonline.com

— As reported earlier, Rey Mysterio did not hand in his notice to WWE officials as he still remains with the company. In fact, he returned to action over the weekend, competing in a Triple Threat Match against CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. However, there are indeed some issues between both sides which still need to be worked out.

The main conflict between both sides is said to be money-related; either related to his current contract or merchandise.

— WWE has changed the production of Monday Night Raw a bit in recent weeks. Instead of running commercials directly following a backstage segment, they’ve been cutting to commercial after one wrestler enters the ring and coming back when the second person comes outs. This is said to be practice for the commercial-free Raw next week.

— Head SmackDown creative team writer Michael Hayes recently got another promotion.

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