Backstage Heat On TNA Knockout, Slammiversary Poster Released, Bobby Lashley

— TNA newcomer Jenna Morasca has a lot of heat right now amongst wrestlers in the company, reports The Sun. Although, it is not due to anything she necessarily did wrong.

Basically, a number of wrestlers in the company are jealous over her status in the company as the owner personally brought her in, paid her more money than any other female performer on the roster, paired her up with a top star in Kevin Nash, and she doesn’t have to bump.

The million-dollar grand prize winner of Survivor: The Amazon got in based on Kurt Angle’s recommendation after he shot the movie End Game with her.

— The promotional poster for Slammiversary has been been released and it features Jeff Jarrett. You can see the poster here. Slammiversary will take place on Sunday June, 21 in Detroit, Michigan.

The Visalia Delta-Star has a story on MMA fighter Mike Cook, who will be fighting Bobby Lashley in a few months. (Local fighter Mike Cook will fight Bobby Lashley in MMA bout)

Top WWE star turning babyface soon (>>)

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