ECW On Sci-Fi Results (04/21) *Spoilers*

WWE taped this week’s edition of ECW at the O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom. Special thanks to Wrestling News World readers Daniel Hill, Matt Scott, Garry Tanner, and Stephen Hegarty. If you are attending a future WWE television taping and would be interested in sending us text-message updates, please email your name, mobile number, and show date to wnwryan [at]

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tonight)
* The opening pyro hits.

* Hornswoggle & Finlay are on there way out to the ring. Hornswoggle Promo as its his last night on ECW. Hornswoggle says he wants to wrestle. Tyson Kidd & Natalya come out and interrupt. According to Natalya, Uncle Bret was wrong when he said he was the best ever. It’s Tyson’s destiny. Tiffany announces that Natalya will take on Hornswoggle right now!

* Hornswoggle b. Natalya
– Hornswoggle got the quick win with a rollup.

* A Promo for Edge vs Cena at Backlash is shown.

* Natalya gets in Tiffany’s face backstage. On this week’s
“WWE Superstars” it will be Tyson & Natalya vs Finlay & Hornswoggle.

* Evan Bourne b. Paul Burchill
– Burchill gets a mixed reaction from the live crowd. Bourne gets the win following a Shooting Star Press.

* Vladimir Kozlov b. Frankie Sloan (Local Jobber) in a squash match.

* The Jack Swagger & Christian contract signing for Backlash is up next… Christian comes out to a big pop while Swagger draws heat. The pair exchange words and Swagger puts Christian through a table with his Gut Wrench Powerbomb. Referees help Christian to the back to end ECW.

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