Danny Bonaduce Gets Upset With TNA, Velvet Sky Selling Her Lingerie, Taylor Wilde

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Apparently, Danny Bonaduce was not made aware that his match with Eric Young at Lockdown was pulled from the live Lockdown pay-per-view.

On his radio show on Friday, a caller asked Bonaduce why his match was not being advertised on Impact. Bonaduce heard a rumor from Dave Meltzer’s newsletter this past week that TNA president Dixie Carter made the call for the match to be a dark match since “she didn’t want a comedy match on what is supposed to be a serious pay-per-view.” Bonaduce got upset and contacted TNA to see what the deal was.

As it turns out, Carter said nothing of the sort and her actual idea was to put the match on the Lockdown pre-show in hopes of enticing people to buy the pay-per-view (although on most cable systems, you can only see the pre-show if you order the pay-per-view).

Bonaduce seemed to like this idea and considered it a compliment that they would put such a heavy responsibility on his match. He also doesn’t mind his match getting pulled off the pay-per-view because he’s only doing it in the first place to raise his profile in Philadelphia and show people he’s willing to do just about anything to have the most listened to show in the market.

In previous weeks, Bonaduce has also stated that he’s not being paid for the match and doesn’t want money for it anyway.

— TNA Knockout Velvet Sky is auctioning off an item from her lingerie closet which she wore in a past photoshoot. Sky wrote on her MySpace page: “I am currently auctioning off one of my most favorite of all time lingerie pieces on Ebay!! This is my first ever Ebay listing, so be nice! Also, this is my only official Ebay account run by me! So click the link below and Happy Bidding!!” You can see the auction here.

— You can follow TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde on Twitter.com here.

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