Paul London Apologizes To Bourne; Talks Team 3D, Brian Kendrick, Tacos & More

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Paul London
Date: 3/11/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

Yeah, yeah… We know! Paul London’s done a lot of these. But, maybe you should hear an interview that he himself said was different and he was glad to do! Some might take different as an insult, we thrive on it and take it as a compliment!

Paul joined us on our first live show since 2006. You can hear the archive, however, at We hope you enjoy this one as we immensely did and think Paul’s honesty, no matter if we agree with everything he said or not, is a breath of fresh air. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!

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Paul London:

– The interview begins with Paul buying a taco & getting into a conversation with James about the proper way to prepare tacos as Paul orders the “Inferno sauce” for his taco.

– He says he is doing well currently since his departure from the WWE. He jokes that he’s finally had some time to do his laundry. “I’m as Jolly as a Rancher”

– He talks about the PWG show where he apologized for his comments toward Evan Bourne. Paul says that he never had to apologize, but some of his comments got taken out of context & he never meant any disrespect towards Bourne. “I never meant to give off the impression that I’m not a fan of his because I am”

– Paul says that the WWE did restict the Cruiserweight Wrestlers and what they could do. He says that the Shooting Star Press was definitely banned. He says that he did the move once in a match with Nunzio and he got in trouble for it. He also says that they confused the SSP with a 450. He confronted Vince about it and Vince told him not to do it. Paul says that he stopped himself from using it out of respect for Kidman, but when Kidman left the WWE, he thought it would be OK if he used it, but they just wouldn’t allow it. He feels that it was probably banned because of Kidman injuring Chavo with it, but when he tried to talk Vince into letting him use it, but “it was like talking to a wall”

– When talking about the feud with Kidman, he said that he really enjoyed the match at No Mercy 2004. The night before he attended a ROH show and wanted to go all out. He wrestled with a broken nose, but he worked hard to make it deliver. When James asks London about the bizarre nature of the storyline, he just jokes “You’re saying that as if all their storylines make sense or are good to begin with” He had no complaints about it though and is proud of the match. One thing that interests him about the feud is that in a magazine they showed to pictures of Kidman & London doing SSPs, and London says that his looked much better.

– On working with the Dudley Boyz, he says that D-Von was great to work with while with Bubba “there were more negatives than positives” He recalls a story where they were supposed to drop the belts to him & London, and Bubba waited outside Vince’s office to get the finish changed. He also says that Bubba gave him a menacing speech right before the match.

– When talking about his Armageddon 4 Team Ladder Match, he says he doesn’t know why the match was changed into that, but it came last minute. He doesn’t know the reasoning, but is thankful that the match turned out so well. Paul also does a very funny Teddy Long impression.

– London & Kendrick being compared to The Rockers was a major compliment to him. He idolized The Rockers and loved being compared to them. He says they were also compared to the Rock & Roll Express which was nice. He loved it, and he knows Kendrick feels that way too.

– His smiling during Vince McMahon’s explosion was cited as a major reason for his depush. Paul says that he got in trouble for it, but he didn’t smile out of any kind of attempt to ruin the show. They were given very little instructions, and he was just trying to be goofy. He didn’t even know Vince was going to be blown up. Paul also says that they did it like 9 times and never stopped or corrected him. His inspiration for the reaction actually came from a music video that he saw.

– Since leaving the WWE, he’s taken classes for diction & public speaking.

– We then talk about his debut against Brock Lesnar, he says that the match was one sided most likely because they didn’t have any real plans for him, but did it out of an attempt to make Brock look great. Paul then puts over Brock heavily, saying that he was a great champion, and a good friend. He has no complaints about how his debut turned out.

– After he & Kendrick were split up and put on different shows, he doesn’t know exactly what it was that led to him being taken off TV. He says an injury was keeping him inactive, but doesn’t know the exact reason for his release. He does admit to being a little bit more vocal towards the end about his direction and he says that after a while you have to become more vocal and not be content with just being in the WWE. When asked about Kendrick’s midcard push, he says that his former partner totally deserved it. However, he also brings up that many guys in the company just coast through and desire to become famous rather than contribute to the product.

– James points out that what Paul talks about is similar to what Lance Cade said on the show a few months back, and Paul puts him over heavily saying that Lance was one of the hardest working guys on the roster.

– After he left the WWE, he says that it was a chance for him to learn how to enjoy life again because the schedule in the WWE is extremely demanding. He also thought it was exciting to have so much time on his hands.

– He says that if the situation was right, he would consider going back to TNA or ROH. He also talks about how much fun he had working with PWG the previous weekend and various other companies he looks forward to working with.

– Chris Masters comes up in conversation which prompts James to ask London about Triple H’s zinger towards Masters on Raw. London says he wants to know who wrote it for HHH because he’s not really that funny.

Word Associations:

Brian Kendrick: “Super super good friend….phenomenally talented”
Billy Kidman: “He shouldn’t wear tights”
AJ Styles: “Phenomenal is a bit of an understatement”
Kid Kash: “Super cool guy. Kind of looks like Kid Rock”
Jerry Lynn: “Have you ever heard one negative thing about Jerry Lynn?…He’s still better than like 75-90% of the guys out there”
Court Bauer: “Always a straight up guy with me”
Matt Bentley: “One of my best friends….extremely underrated, sadly overlooked….any company that passed on him in the past was moronic”
Jamie Noble: “Not a whole lot that he can’t do. Extremely underutilized”

– The final question is our standard question about the news media’s treatment of wrestling during the Benoit Tragedy. His opinion is that it was very easy for them to hop on the negative and it was wrong for them to try and bring down the entire industry and only made it harder for Benoit’s family. As for the tragedy itself, says that it was very sad, and says that Benoit would help him out and give him advice. He also says that no one will ever know for sure what happened.

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