Update On Gail Kim's Start Date, Freddie Prinze, Jr. On The Outs?, Christian Profiled

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The latest on Gail Kim is that she won’t be making her WWE debut until after WrestleMania. Tomorrow will mark exactly six months since news broke out of her leaving TNA.

— It would appear that the novelty of being a creative team writer for World Wrestling Entertainment has started to wear thin on Freddie Prinze, Jr. as that’s the feeling backstage. While the actor is still employed to the company, he has been to very few television tapings over the past six weeks. Prinze, Jr. works under Michael Hayes on SmackDown and we almost never hear anything on how he’s doing.

Regarding the reason behind why Prinze, Jr. was even hired in the first place, a WWE insider wrote the following in Power Slam Magazine at the time of his hiring: “Vince announces his high-profile hire to the press: “Freddie Prinze Jr.’s passion, energy and creativity make him an excellent fit for WWE.” Most backstage insiders think that Vince is uninterested in Prinze’s potential as a writer and simply wants the prestige and mainstream credibility that a Hollywood name brings to the WWE brand — not to mention the potential of a cameo appearance from Sarah Michelle Gellar/Prinze on WWE television.”

— WWE.com has added a profile on Christian to the ECW section. They also put up past photos of his time on SmackDown.

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