TNA Victory Road Results – July 19, 2009

TNA Victory Road Results – 7/19/2009
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Richard Gray of

Welcome to TNA Victory Road 2009 – we’re live from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome from the Impact Zone as the pyros explode.

Angelina Love vs. Tara

The following match is for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship and will open the pay-per-view. Love, the challenger, is out first with Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. Tara, the TNA Knockout Women’s Champion, comes out next with her tarantula. The bell rings and we’re underway. Slick Johnson is the referee. Tara strikes Love in the face after she strikes first. A few scoop slams from Tara on the challenger. Tara finally is able to get her shirt off as Love regroups on the apron with The Beautiful People. Tara suplexes Love over the top rope into the ring. Tara drops Love in a face-first suplex. Tara locks in the tarantula in the ropes on the Challenger. Tara goes to the outside and takes out Rayne and Sky. The distraction allows Angelina Love to kick Tara into the steel safety rail at ringside. Love delivers a boot to Tara and throws her into the ring on the outside. Love works with Tara on the outside, continuing to ram her into the side of the ring. Love puts Tara back in then gets in herself. She lands a dropkick followed by a cover and a near fall. Love gets Tara back to her feet and works over the Champion. Love sets Tara up on the top rope. Heat on Love as she slams Tara off the top to the canvas. Love gets a two count. Tara, on her feet, strikes Love but Love counters out. Angelina goes off the middle rope with a clothesline on Tara. Another two count.

Love goes right into another cover for a two count. Tara gets back to a vertical base but Angelina lands a chop. Tara counters with a clothesline but both women are down in the ring. The referee starts the double count out. Tara gets up first followed by Angelina. Right hands from Tara, sending Love down. Love gets back up and eats a face plant suplex. Tara lands the standing moonsault and gets a two count. Velvet Sky gets on the apron, Tara knocks her down. Love tries to capitalize but Velvet ends up spraying her partner in the eyes with hair spray. Tara pins Love but the referee is distracted. The Beautiful People are ejected as what should have been a three count was only a two. Tara lands a side slam but misses a moonsault off the top rope on Angelina Love. Love is able to pin Tara but Tara’s foot was on the ropes and the referee didn’t see it.

Winner & new TNA Knockout Women’s Champion – Angelina Love

After the match Tara kicks Slick Johnson and hits Widow’s Peak on Love. She goes for the spider but The Beautiful People come out and make the save. Tara puts the spider on Slick Johnson.

We’re backstage with Jeremy Borash who’s with TNA Champion Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash and Booker T. JB asks Angle about the creation of the MEM and what happens tonight. Angle tells Foley he doesn’t stand a chance tonight. Angle says do not expect a quality pay-per-view match from him tonight – he repeats himself and says we’re not going to get one. Angle says he is going to maul him tonight. Angle tells the members of the Main Event Mafia if they don’t win their matches tonight he is going to come out and fire them.

Matt Morgan vs. Daniels
Singles Match

‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan is out first wearing a robe. He sheds the robe and walks to ringside. Morgan is up for a spot in the Main Event Mafia. Daniels comes out next. The referee calls for the bell and we’re underway. Morgan immediately throws Daniels over the top rope, out of the ring. Morgan goes to the outside and goes to work on Daniels. Morgan locks in a hold on Daniels by the crowd control gate. He bounces Daniels off the rail and gets back in the ring. New referee Jamie Tucker starts the count out. Daniels gets on the apron, counters a maneuver by Morgan and hits a missile dropkick off the top. Flying forearm shot by Daniels then Morgan counters. Daniels lands more offense but Morgan ends up taking him to the mat. Daniels counters with right hands on Morgan but Morgan cuts him off with a knee. Finally Daniels is able to get Morgan out of the ring. Daniels hits a suicide dive out of the ring on Morgan but he’s still on his feet. Daniels hits Morgan in the face and bangs him off the crowd control gate. Morgan still hasn’t fallen down. He throws Daniels onto the apron but Daniels counters with a split-leg moonsault. Daniels gets back in the ring as the crowd chants ‘TNA’.

Daniels goes back to the outside to follow-up his attack but Morgan makes him pay. Morgan puts Daniels back in the ring and lands a tremendous discus clothesline. Morgan taunts Daniels in the ring. Morgan goes to the outside and works Daniels left knee on the ring post. Headbutt from Morgan on Daniels. Daniels gets on the apron and hits a leg drop on Daniels’ leg. Morgan gets back in the ring to continue his assault. Morgan throws off his elbow pads and hits shots to the side of the head of Daniels. Splash on Daniels in the corner followed by a side slam attempt which ends in Morgan just dropping Daniels. Morgan continues to work the left leg of Daniels. The crowd is behind Daniels but Morgan continues to assault him. Morgan bounces Daniels’ head off the top turnbuckle and puts his boot on the chest of Daniels for a two count. Big slam from Morgan followed by an elbow drop. Daniels, selling his left leg, finally builds a counter by hitting a jawbreaker.

Daniels goes to the top rope but Morgan cuts him off. Daniels rakes his eyes then goes off for a crossbody block. Two count for Daniels followed by a two count off a rollup. Morgan picks Daniels up in a counter but Daniels hits crucifix drop down for a two count. Daniels is set up in the rope as Morgan charges him with a boot. Daniels hits a bulldog on Morgan and gets a near fall. Morgan picks Daniels up and hits a fall away slam. Morgan goes for more offense but out of nowhere, Daniels hits a DDT-style move and gets a two count. Daniels went for the BME but he fell off because of his ‘injured’ leg. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint. Morgan picks Daniels up and goes for the Hellevator. He lands it and gets a three count.

Winner – Matt Morgan

JB interviews Dr. Stevie about his match with Abyss tonight.

Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie
Singles Match

The following is a no disqualification match. Dr. Stevie, Stevie Richards, is out first. Abyss comes out in new ring gear as the bell rings and the match starts with Stevie using a security baton to take out Abyss. Stevie ends up walking into a boot from Abyss and going to the outside. Abyss goes to the outside after him. Abyss hits him in the top of the head with a stiff right hand. Abyss brings Stevie back towards the ring by his hair. Abyss finally roles Stevie into the ring but Stevie greets Abyss by cutting him off. Stevie tries to out power Abyss but he doesn’t budge. Stevie smacks him and lands a couple of backhand chops. Stevie ends up running into the open hand of Abyss which results in him landing on the canvas.

Abyss throws Dr. Stevie over the top rope to the outside. Stevie starts down the ramp as Abyss follows. Don West is beyond annoying right now. Stevie retreats through the crowd. Abyss follows and lands right hands on him. Stevie counters in the crowd but ends up getting sent right into the wall in the crowd. Abyss rubs his hair in a psychotic manner as he throws Dr. Stevie into the wall again. Abyss finally throws Stevie back outside the ring. Abyss bangs Dr. Stevie’s head off the steel steps. Stevie has bladed as he is bleeding from his forehead. Abyss bangs his head off the ring steps again. He does it two more times then threatens the referee. Abyss throws Stevie back into the ring. Blood is pouring from the head of Dr. Stevie as Abyss rips the shirt off of him. Abyss hits an open-handed chop on Stevie. The crowd chants ‘one more time’ as Abyss lands another shot.

Abyss grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. He sets it up in the corner and grabs Stevie. Abyss throws Dr. Stevie face-first into the chair in the corner. Stevie is down, with his head on the apron. Abyss pulls him back in and puts Stevie on his shoulders. Shock Treatment backbreaker by Abyss on Stevie. He pulls Stevie up before the three count. Daffney comes down to the ring with a tazer as Stevie hits a low blow. Lauren comes out and pulls Daffney off the ring. Lauren goes over to Abyss but Dr. Stevie has the tazer. Abyss gives Stevie the Black Hole Slam then looks at the tazer as they encourage him to use it. Abyss picks it up and tazes Stevie in the ring. Three count by Abyss.

Winner – Abyss

Team 3D vs. The British Invasion
New Japan Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the IWGP/New Japan Tag Championship. The challengers, Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams, are out next with Rob Terry. Slick Johnson grabs the IWGP Tag Championship belts after Team 3D come out. Brother Ray holds up the American flag. The crowd chants ‘USA’. Doug Williams and Brother Ray start things out as the bell rings. The crowd is behind 3D as they chant for them. Williams works the arm of Devon but he counters out. Williams applies a submission hold on Devon that he quickly breaks. Doug Williams slaps Devon and eats two clotheslines. Devon throws Williams off the ropes but bends down and gets kicked in the head. Brutus Magnus is tagged in but he eats offense from Devon. Devon hits a leg drop and tags in Brother Ray. Team 3D double teams Magnus with a suplex. Brother Ray works over Magnus, eventually sending him over the top rope with a clothesline to the outside. Williams gets on the apron and Brother Ray throws him in. Brutus Magnus gets back in and finally Williams is able to land some offense on Brother Ray. They double team Ray. Williams applies a weak side headlock on Ray in the corner. Williams is legally tagged into the match as he goes off the top rope and misses on Brother Ray. Ray connects with a scoop slam as Brother Devon heads to the top rope. Rob Terry pulls Devon off the ropes. Williams works with Brother Ray in the ring. The British Invasion make another tag and double team Ray.

Magnus puts his weight on the back of Ray as they isolate him in their corner. Williams tags himself in but Brother Ray counters with punches. Williams cuts him off and applies a submission hold. Magnus comes back in and they work over Brother Ray. The referee keeps Brother Devon out of the ring. Williams applies a side headlock on Brother Ray and gets a tag to Magnus. The British Invasion double team Ray again but a big back body drop. Magnus gets a two count on Brother Ray. Magnus works over Devon, who’s on his knees. Magnus kicks goes off the ropes but walks into a spear. The crowd chants for Brother Ray to make the tag. Devon tags in and takes out Williams with a shoulder block then a hangman neckbreaker on Brutus Magnus. Devon hits a scoop slam on Williams followed by a two count. Side slam from Devon on Williams. Magnus makes the save, breaking up the pin. Magnus is thrown to the outside as Brother Ray is back in to take out Williams. Two count for Brother Ray on Williams. Magnus hits the ring as Ray takes him out and holds him down for What’s Up. Brother Devon goes off the top rope and they land it. Devon goes to the outside for a table. Rob Terry attacks Devon on the outside as Brother Ray sets up a table in the ring. Ray walks into a double team by Williams and Magnus. The referee tries to put up the table. Magnus is tossed to the floor. Terry is in the ring and accidentally takes down Williams with a clothesline. Team 3D throws Terry out, they hit 3D on Williams and get the three count.

Winners & still New Japan Tag Champions – Team 3D

After the match Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir come out to attack Team 3D. Devon hands Bashir to Ray and they put him through a table.

Backstage Lauren is with Slick Johnson asking about his bad call during the Women’s Championship match. Slick says what can he say other than he made a mistake and he’s only human. Johnson said he was out of position and clearly didn’t see Tara’s foot on the ropes. Johnson said he’s going to Jim Cornette and going to recommend Tara gets a rematch.

Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca
TNA Knockouts Match

Sojo Bolt, Sharmell’s ‘trainer’, comes to the ring first followed by Sharmell who comes out in a dress to Booker T’s music. Awesome Kong, who represents the corner of Morasca, comes out next. Jenna Morasca comes out next wearing leopard print ring gear. The bell rings and the ‘match’ is underway. Jenna shakes it, getting some reactions from the crowd. Sharmell takes Morasca down but Jenna quickly counters. Sharmell counters again and gets on top of Morasca. Sharmell gets a two count on Jenna. Sojo shouts advise from ringside. Sharmell applies a camel clutch on Morasca, the referee checks for submission. Jenna hits a weak crossbody on Sharmell. Sharmell works over Jenna in a submission hold, crowd is dead. Jenna hits a jawbreaker as Sojo Bolt grabs her foot. Kong chases Bolt around but ends up distracting the referee, allowing Sojo to land a cheap shot on Jenna. Sharmell gets a two count. Sharmell slaps Jenna in the corner. Jenna lands weak slaps on Sharmell and tackles her in the ring. It’s basically a cat fight with Hebner getting in the middle. Finally Earl pulls Morasca off of Sharmell. Jenna holds Sharmell’s hair extensions in the ring. Sojo got on the apron but ends up getting knocked off. Jenna hands Kong Sharmell’s hair. Kong gets a cheap shot on Sharmell from the outside. Jenna gets on Sharmell and gets the three count.

Winner – Jenna Morasca

For no reason what-so-ever, Jenna agitates Kong after a celebration and gets laid out.

JB asks Kevin Nash about Kurt Angle’s comments earlier that whoever doesn’t win tonight, is thrown out of the Main Event Mafia. Nash says he doesn’t blame Kurt and puts him over. Nash says the guys here 5 or 6 years ago are still where they were then.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Nash
TNA Legends Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Legends Championship. Kevin Nash is out first followed by the TNA Legend’s Champion AJ Styles. The bell rings and we’re underway. AJ kicks Nash in the leg to start things out. Nash goes to the outside, little contact is made. Styles kicks Nash in the leg again after he gets back in the ring. Nash throws AJ into the corner and follows it with an elbow. Nash buries his leg into AJ’s midsection. Styles throws a right hand from his midsection but Nash takes him out. Nash hits AJ in the throat with an elbow. He follows it with another in the corner. Nash gets a two count on Styles. He hits a side slam and gets another near fall. Styles builds a counter, kicking Nash from the top rope but Nash kicks him off from the top and AJ hits the outside. Nash goes to the outside to continue his attack as we see a replay where AJ hit his head on the guard rail when he took the bump. AJ is dazed in the ring as Nash lowers the straps to his singlet. Nash gets AJ up for a Jacknife powerbomb but AJ lands right hands to block it. Styles uses a multitude of kicks on Nash followed by a big right hand, sending Nash down to the mat. Styles lands another big shot on Nash.

Styles hits Nash in the face repeatedly, then works the legs of the Challenger. Styles continues to kick Nash then goes for a submission hold. Styles locks in the legs of Nash and wrenches back. Styles gets a two count on Nash out of the submission hold. Chinlock applied by AJ on Nash, the referee checks for submission. Nash works to get back to a vertical base. Nash drops AJ and breaks the hold. Styles gets a two count on Nash and hits a right hand. AJ hits the Pele and gets another two count. AJ springboards over the top rope but runs into a chokelsam. Nash pins him to win the title.

Winner & new TNA Legend’s Champion – Kevin Nash

They shot an angle with referee Slick Johnson running out of the shower with Madison Rayne as Lauren was trying to get an interview with Tara about the controversial finish. So basically Johnson is nailing Rayne which is why Angelina Love is once again Women’s Champion.

Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T
TNA Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Booker T & Scott Steiner, the challengers representing the Main Event Mafia, are out first. Beer Money, Inc. is out next with the belts around their waists. James Storm gives a fan at ringside a drink of beer. The bell rings and we’re underway. The crowd is 100% behind Beer Money. James Storm and Booker T start things out. Booker pushes Storm into a corner but Storm shoves him off, into his own corner. Back hand chop from Booker on Storm. Storm lands an arm drag take down and follows with a running clothesline. Storm gives Booker Several right hands. Storm lands a neckbreaker and gets a near fall on Booker. Storm tags in Robert Roode. Neckbreaker from Roode on Booker followed by a two count. Booker counters with a stiff shot followed by a tag. Scott Steiner takes out Roode in the ring then Storm on the apron. Steiner takes Roode down to the mat but Roode counters and lands a knee to Steiner’s throat. Two count for Roode. Roode tags in James Storm. They land a double-team suplex on Steiner.

Booker comes in and is thrown out as Roode and Storm do the Beer Money chant in the ring. Roode works over Booker, Storm works over Steiner on the outside. Storm puts Steiner back in the ring. Booker takes out Roode on the outside. Two count for Steiner on Storm. Steiner tags in Booker T who comes in to continue the offense. Booker gets an elbow shot that sends Storm to the mat. Booker lands high knee shots to Storm’s face. Booker works over Storm in the corner. Booker taunts Roode but the referee won’t let him in. Steiner makes a tag as they isolate Storm with a double team. Steiner chokes Storm with a reverse chinlock. The crowd tries to cheer Storm back to his feet. He gets up and backs Steiner down with elbows. He walks right into a belly to belly overhead release suplex into a two count from Steiner. Booker tags in to work over the weary Storm. Roode comes in and delivers a blow to Booker to try and give his partner a break. Booker lands a high heel kick and tags in Steiner. Steiner hits backhand chops on Storm in the corner. Roode argues with Hebner in his corner while Steiner works on Storm. Storm counters with a tornado DDT. Both workers are down in the ring as Storm gets the tag to Roode. Booker comes in and Roode cleans house.

Bobby looks great with the veterans as he goes off the middle rope onto Steiner into a two count. Booker makes the save. Storm is in working on Booker and hits a high kick from the apron. Roode and Storm double team Steiner. Roode gets a two count on Steiner. Steiner, with help from Booker T, takes down Robert Roode for a two count in a counter. Steiner Recliner attempt but Roode fights it off. Steiner gets thrown into Booker nearly knocking him off the apron as Roode pins Steiner for two. Storm spits beer in Steiner’s face. DWI on Steiner, Roode goes for the cover but Hebner has beer in his eyes. Earl Hebner and Storm argue as Booker hits an axe kick on Roode, Steiner pins him for the three count.

Winners & new TNA Tag Team Champions – Scott Steiner & Booker T

Lauren asks Samoa Joe if they mystery will end tonight. Joe says rest assured – he’s here and he’s ready for war. Joe calls him his mentor, his hope and credits him for releasing the beast that he is. Joe says he is going to deliver him Sting’s head. He says tonight the mystery is over and it’s showtime. Joe says tonight will be Sting’s final scene.

Samoa Joe vs. Sting
Samoa Joe’s Mystery Adviser Will Be Revealed

Samoa Joe’s out first with a black towel over his face followed by Sting in his trench coat. Samoa Joe attacks Sting immediately with his MMA-style punches. He throws Sting to the outside then goes out after him. Joe bangs Sting’s head off the steel ring steps then the ring apron. Joe throws Sting over the guard rail and into the crowd. They fight out by the wall in the crowd with Sting throwing Joe into it in a counter. Sting throws Joe into a fan’s sign by the wall. Finally they get back to the ringside area where Joe and Sting fight on the ramp. Joe hits a suplex on Sting. Sting counters and throws Joe into the steel ring steps. Sting puts Joe back into the ring and kicks away at him. Sting bites Joe then kicks him in the midsection. Sting applies a headlock on Joe on the mat. Joe throws Sting to the outside. Joe lands a suicide dive on Sting on the outside. Joe rolls Sting back into the ring and throws Sting into the top turnbuckle. Joe hits a kick to the head of Sting. Joe applies a headlock on Sting in the ring.

Joe takes Sting down, laying him out on the mat. Joe hits a headbutt and follows it with a punch and some chops. Joe locks a headlock on Sting on the mat. Sting works to get back to a vertical base. Sting backs Joe down with elbows but Joe counters with a snap slam and a two count. Joe punches Sting in the face with stiff rights. They aren’t having much affect on Sting. Sting hits a back body drop on Joe. Sting hits a left arm lariat on Joe and gets a two count. Sting kicks Joe in the face and gets a one count. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Joe in the corner. Sting locks in the Scorpion. The referee checks for submission. Taz’s music hits and he comes out as Joe is stuck in the hold. Joe gets out of the Scorpion and screams and Sting. Sting hits an elbow shot on Joe. Sting goes off the top rope and hits a clothesline. Joe applies the rear naked choke on Sting as Taz is now at ringside in Joe’s corner. Sting taps out to Joe.

Winner – Samoa Joe

After the match, Taz gets in the ring to join Joe.

They role footage of the Bobby Lashley interview from ESPN Radio last week, announcing Lashley’s contract signing with TNA Wrestling.

We’re backstage with JB and Mick Foley. JB asks Foley about all of the Main Event Mafia wins tonight. Foley cuts a very good pre-match promo.

Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mick Foley
TNA Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Championship. Mick Foley, the challenger, is out first. Kurt Angle comes out with the TNA Championship belt over his shoulder. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions. The bell rings and we’re underway. They lockup and Kurt Angle applies a side headlock on Mick Foley. Foley battles out and hits an elbow on Angle. Angle goes to the outside. Angle and Foley lockup again when Angle gets back in the ring. Foley applies a submission hold on Angle on the mat. Angle gets his foot on the ropes and retreats back to the outside. Angle gets back in slowly and the two circle each other. Angle works the arm of Foley, Foley reverses and lands right hands. Foley takes Kurt down in the corner. Foley runs at him and connects with a knee. Foley works the left arm with an arm bar on Angle. Angle gets the rope break and goes back to the outside. Foley goes out after him. Foley bounces Angle off the crowd control gate. Foley bites Angle and gets back in the ring. Foley gives Angle a leg drop as he tries to get back in the ring. Foley takes Angle out by snapping his throat on the top rope when he tries to get back in again. Foley suplexes Angle into the ring and gets a two count.

Angle starts to build a counter with right hands. Foley hits the mat. Angle applies a headlock on Foley in the ring. Foley gets back to his feet and battles out of the hold. Mick lands several right hands then catapults Angle to the outside. Foley goes outside and goes for a piledriver. Angle back drops him onto the steel ring steps in a counter. Angle works over Foley on the outside and roles back in the ring. After the count is broke, Angle goes back out and brings Foley back in this time. Angle works the leg of Mick Foley with hard stomps. Angle continues to stomp away at Foley. They’re keeping a very slow pace as Angle takes Foley down to the canvas. The crowd doesn’t seem to be into the match. Angle lands another big straight right hand. Angle goes for a suplex but Foley battles to counter with an arm bar. Angle counters into his ankle lock submission hold. Foley is able to break it. Angle hits a clothesline on the Challenger and gets a two count. Angle misses on a moonsault attempt from the top rope. Foley lands a double-arm DDT on Angle and gets a two count.

Foley puts the sock on his hand. The referee gets taken out but Angle ends up getting the two count on Foley after an Angle Slam. Angle, who feels he was cheated with a slow count, drops an elbow on referee Andrew Thomas. Angle grabs a chair and puts it in the ring. He goes for the shot but Angle gets hit with the mandible claw. Angle gets to the outside but Foley lands a big elbow drop to the outside. Foley brings Angle back in the ring, rolls him over and gets a two count. Foley locks leg scissors on Angle in the ring. The referee checks for a TKO. Angle gets his arm up before the count of three. He lands elbow shots on Foley and follows them with right hands. Angle locks in the ankle lock submission. The referee checks for submission as Foley reaches for the ropes. Foley gets there and the referee calls for the hold to be broken. Angle hits Foley and re-applies the hold. Foley finally taps.

Winner & still TNA Champion – Kurt Angle

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