WWE Star Turning Heel, Wrestler Changes Ring Name, Vince McMahon's Return

source: PWInsider.com

— Candice Michelle wrestled as a heel in a singles match with Melina at last night’s Raw/ECW house show in Madison, Wisconsin. During the match, Candice faked an injury, to the point that a referee called for medical assistance from the back. When Melina tried to check on her, Candice pulled a fast one and rolled her up for the win, but Melina kicked out. Melina finished off Candice with her signature split kick for the win. Candice played a heel throughout the match, even as she was heading to the back.

— The WWE developmental wrestler formerly known as Kevin Kiley & Carson Oakley is now going under the name Alex Riley, according to the official Florida Championship Wrestling site (www.fcwwrestling.com). They updated the roster section to reflect other recent name changes including Eric Perez (now Eric Escobar), Jon Emminger (now Johnny Prime), and Taj Milano (now Tyler Reks). They also removed six wrestlers from the roster section: Gavin Spears (released), Mike Kruel (released), Nelson Roy (released in November), Manu (called up to Raw), Nic Nemeth (called up to Raw), and Primo Colon (called up to SmackDown).

— The WWE website has an article listing possible reasons behind the return of Vince McMahon tonight on Raw. Some of the reasons speculated include: starting McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania back up, announcing his formal retirement, an announcement regarding WrestleMania 25, a new championship introduction, rubbing salt in Shawn Michaels’ wounds, and joining Randy Orton’s new group. {Ruminating on Mr. McMahon’s return}

See photos of Candice Michelle’s new look (>>)

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