"Legends of WWE" Music CD, Low Ki Update, Wall Street Covers WWE Layoffs Story

— A two-disc, deluxe edition of Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9 is available exclusively at Best Buy retail stores on Tuesday, January 27, and includes the Legends of WWE CD, featuring nine classic entrance themes. Here is the track listing for the additional CD:

1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”
2. Ultimate Warrior, “Unstable”
3. Roddy Piper, “Hot Rod”
4. Sgt. Slaughter, “Hard Corps”
5. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, “Blue Blood””
6. Mr. Perfect, “Perfection”
7. Undertaker, “Rest In Peace”
8. Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Snake Bit”
9. The Rock, “If You Smell…?”

Click here for the latest on Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9.

— As reported earlier, newly signed WWE wrestler Low Ki worked last night’s Florida Championship Wrestling show. He pinned Trent Baretta in a singles match. Low Ki was seen meeting fans following the show. Courtesy of FloridaIndies.com, here is a photo of Low Ki posing with a fan. WWE stars Eve Torres, Dolph Ziggler and Scotty Goldman were also at last night’s FCW show.

— Wall Street analysis & commentary website 247wallstreet.com has an article looking at WWE’s massive staff purge. The writer asks: “Does WWE get to fully expense all those chairs and other bits of equipment they break, or do those get amortized? Maybe it shouldn’t blow up any more cars or other expensive props as part of the cost cutting ahead.” {Recession Fallout: Layoffs in Wrestling (WWE)}

*SPOILER* On Next Wrestler To Join Randy Orton’s “Legacy”

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