Update On Chuck Palumbo's WWE Release, WWE 24/7 Plunges, Magazine Sales

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Regarding last week’s departure of Chuck Palumbo, apparently, his contract recently expired and it was widely assumed he wouldn’t be signed to a new one because the company hadn’t done anything with him in months.

Palumbo was said to be the typical idea of what Johnny Ace thinks a wrestler should look like because he’s big and tall. Of course, his perception is based on Vince McMahon’s perception of what a WWE wrestler should look like. After being released in ’04, Palumbo returned to the company in the spring of ’06. At the time, WWE was looking for “big” wrestlers as opposed to juiced up wrestlers, what with the Wellness Policy in effect. That explains how the likes of Bull Buchanan and Henry O. Godwinn got tryouts that year. Also, Palumbo had a brother in the military, which might have helped his cause in landing a job. Despite not being employed in late ’05, for some reason JBL made a comment saying one of the company’s wrestlers had a brother in the military, in reference to Palumbo. Rumors then started up on WWE being interested in him, and he was eventually signed.

Anyway, McMahon liked Palumbo’s biker gimmick at first, but the creative team was said to never be high on him, believing he’d never get over, and McMahon eventually lost interest in him as well. Palumbo seemed to have a good thing going in his program with Jamie Noble, but it wavered off and he soon got lost in the shuffle after a brief angle with Finlay. Following his brief angle with Finlay, Palumbo was drafted to Raw, but not used on television once, only working a handful of house shows.

In an ironic twist, Palumbo was drafted to the Raw brand in July 2004, but didn’t appear on Raw a single time. He primarily wrestled on Heat where he developed a car mechanic/enthusiast gimmick. He was released in November of that year during a talent purge as well.

Regarding his future in wrestling, as reported earlier, Palumbo is trying to land a job in Mexico, but it may prove to be difficult. Rey Mysterio, through his connections, is trying to help him get a job in AAA, but the promotion has already turned down several ROH wrestlers and there’s a moratorium on bringing in any more foreigners in as regulars. Also, former WWE wrestler Mark Jindrak (a.k.a. “Marco Corleone”) is trying to get Palumbo in CMLL.

— Despite an increased promotional push for WWE 24/7 during company programming in recent months, subscribership took a big hit during the most recent financial quarter, falling from 150,000 to 117,00 subscribers. As a result, revenue fell from $1.8 million to $1.4 million. This is significant because WWE 24/7 has shown nothing but growth since its debut and it suddenly dropped 22%.

— WWE magazine sales for the quarter went up, rising from $4.3 million to $4.7 million. The previous quarter featured the same amount of WWE magazine releases — four of WWE Magazine and two of WWE Kids Magazine.

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