Big Update On Christian Cage Returning To WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Two weeks ago on TNA iMPACT!, the Main Event Mafia delivered a beatdown to Christian Cage to end the show. TNA shot this angle to protect themselves if Christian Cage decides to leave for WWE. If he does wind up staying, he’s got a built-in “revenge” angle waiting for him. However, TNA has still received no word from Cage about his future plans.

As previously reported, Cage has been offered a contract from WWE and there is a good chance he will return there. If he does return to WWE, RAW writer Brian Gewirtz has stated he’d like to work with Christian, who he’s enjoyed working with before. Michael Hayes and Edge are pushing Vince McMahon to sign Christian and put him on Smackdown to reunite the two.

The general feeling is that Christian would receive a big push, but depending on the reaction, he could be pulled down to mid-card status. Vince was behind the stopping of his push in 2005, and was said to be very negative on him despite creative team members being huge supporters of him.

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