Penzer Swollen Following Angle Beating, TNA Fans Labeled "World's Dumbest Fans"

— On this past week’s edition of Impact, Kurt Angle, with his psychotic stare, came out and attacked TNA ring announcer Dave Penzer. He struck Penzer in the face with his shoe, and then put the Ankle Lock on him. Penzer was legitimately hurt as his face got really swollen. You can see a photo of Penzer following the incident at the following link. Backstage announcer Lauren Thompson took over ring announcing duties for the rest of the night.

— On TruTV (formerly known as Court TV) there is a show based on The Smoking Gun website called “The Smoking Gun Presents.” The show usually features dumb criminals, but they’ve since branched out to feature footage of dumb stunts, fans, competitons, etc. On this week’s show, the theme was “The Smoking Gun Presents The World’s Dumbest Fans.” TNA was ranked at No. 17 on the show. The ranking was based on the fan submitted videos for the “Fan’s Revenge Match” between LAX and Beer Money at the Victory Road pay-per-view back in July. They aired footage of some of the TNA fan-submitted videos and the commentators on the show made fun of them. The episode may replay at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. this Monday as two one-hour episodes are set to air that night.

— According to the official TNA site, TNA has plans to reveal an official page on Facebook within the next few days.

See photos of Shark Boy unmasked (>>)

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