What You Didn't See At Unforgiven

Thanks to reader Dustin Strah for submitting this live report from last night’s Unforgiven in Cleveland:

– Attendance was disappointing. The upper section seats on the hard camera side were blocked off halfway around the arena and the middle section (Club) was also blocked off closer to the set and each side.

– Crowd was not very hot; there were a lot of little kids in the crowd.

– Not sure how it came across on TV, but the scramble matches really kept the crowd interested. It felt like a Royal Rumble.

– After Adamle announced that CM Punk may not compete, the crowd seemed indifferent. Most everyone thought it was Orton replacing him. Orton also got a good pop when shown on the Titantron.

– The Divas match was definitely a crowd killer. McCool got a bit of heat while Maryse was somewhat favored.

– Big Show/Undertaker was good and kept the crowd interested. However, we all saw the Big Show turn coming. A lot of people thought Edge might be in the casket. Prior to Taker’s appearance, the crew assembled the casket and druids on the ramp well before he appeared, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to the crowd.

– Jericho was a HUGE surprise to everyone as the #5 participant and really brought the crowd into the match.

– After the main event, Jericho paraded around the ring and set with the scowl on his face, clutching his belt. Lillian thanked us and did not announce a return date to Cleveland.

Biggest Pop:
1. Undertaker
2. HBK
3. Jeff/Matt Hardy

Biggest Heat:
1. Jericho
2. Vickie Guerrero
3. JBL

* VIDEO of UFC’s CHUCK LIDDELL Getting BRUTALLY Knocked Out Cold From Saturday Night

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