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— There is currently no deal in place between Bryan Danielson and WWE, reports prowrestling.NET, however, that could change at any time. Danielson is scheduled to work some shows in Mexico this week as well as some shows in Europe soon before returning to Ring of Honor at the end of the month. Danielson, who is under contract to Ring of Honor, received permission from the organization to work the WWE show. Should WWE offer Danielson a deal, most people believe that ROH would let him out of his contract with them.

Danielson was close to be offered a deal with WWE two years ago, but Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace put up a 6-2 height requirement and the deal was off the table. The height requirement doesn’t exist anymore as WWE has since signed wrestlers shorter than that height, Matt Sydal being a prime example as he is 5-7. However, one inside source expressed concern that the creative team wouldn’t know how to use him the best of his advantage. “He’s a hell of a mechanic and he would have gotten over fine,” one WWE source said. “I’m not sure in today’s environment.” On another note, William Regal has been high on Danielson and other ROH wrestlers for quite some time. “If Regal had any stroke, Bryan Danielson and a lot of guys would have been signed a while ago,” one WWE source said. “He’s a good mentor, though. He gives golden advice.”

— has posted up a profile on Ted DiBiase, which you can see at this link.

— The Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly vs. Ted DiBiase and a mystery partner World Tag Team Championship Match has officially been added to the Night of Champions card on

— Katie Lea has a page at the WWE Fan Nation social networking site. She has posted an in-character blog talking about her plans to win the WWE Women’s Title from Mickie James. You can read Short and Snappy Tales of Greatness at this link.

See photos from Bryan Danielson’s dark match Monday night on Raw

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