Live Notes From Last Night's TNA LockDown PPV


– At last night’s Lockdown PPV, TNA president Dixie Carter was running around introducing herself to the fans and posing for pictures.

— Dixie Carter came to the ring and announced that Lockdown was the largest live crowd in TNA History. She thanked everyone for making it possible and said she met hundreds of TNA fans this weekend.

— Jeremy Borash and TNA Live Events executive Craig Jenkins hyped up the crowd before the PPV went on the air by promising backstage passes for the loudest fans tonight.

— Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and So Cal Val did a surprise pre-show signing in the lobby.

— Atlas Security was brought in to work the PPV

— The place was rabid. The building was not 100% sold out as there are some sections that aren’t full, but it still looked very impressive

— TNA had two local DJs come out before the show and they were terrible

— Earl Hebner got a huge pop coming out

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