What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air

Thanks to Geoff Clark for this report:

After RAW Went Off The Air:

– Ric Flair taunted Shawn Michaels outside the ring and walked up the ramp. Flair went to the back and came out again with a microphone. He thanked the fans of South Carolina and gave them a “WHOOOO!” The crowd gave him one back and it went back and forth for a few minutes. Flair then went to the back.

– Meanwhile, Randy Orton was still in the ring and began to recover. Orton got to his feet and held the WWE title over his head. The crowd started to cheer, but Orton didn’t realize they were cheering because HBK was sneaking up from behind him. Orton turned around and got cracked with Sweet Chin Music. Michaels left the ring and taunted Ric Flair’s family, who were ringside, on the way out.

– Lillian thanked everyone for coming. It was a great live show and a nice sendoff for Flair.

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