Jim Ross On D'Lo Brown Returning, Chris Masters Release, Austin's Beer, More

Jim Ross has posted another blog entry on his official web site. Below are some of the highlights:

– I have heard zilch about D’Lo Brown returning to the WWE any time soon. D’Lo has been wrestling in Japan and has always been a guy I liked being around. I wish him well no matter where he lands.

– Santino Marella is a talented talker, albeit somewhat agitating at times, but entertaining nonetheless. As I have said before, Marella has been a positive addition to Monday Night Raw.

– Chris Masters did have a great future in the WWE until personal errors in judgment changed such. Masters would have been well served to have been able to wrestle in territories for 3-5 years before debuting in the WWE, but that was not the case. My advise to Chris would be to wrestle as often as he possibly can with the best opponents he can and focus on his bell-to-bell skills and most of all, be healthy. However, if the true passion is not there for the business within Chris, he is still young enough to be successful in other walks of life.

– Mark Yeaton, a former referee and ring crew member, is the individual who is so adept at throwing cold cans of beer to Stone Cold. Mark is now working in the operations side of the WWE and is a long time employee.

– For me, a little of most of the Divas in the ring actually wrestling goes a long way. Sunday’s Survivor Series features a tri branded, 10 Diva Tag, but it isn’t an elimination match which works better for me. This match should be entertaining.

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