Hogan Attorney Says Videotape Proves Nick Wasn't Drag Racing

Source: TMZ.com

A video tape has surfaced that Nick Hogan’s attorney says proves he was not drag racing at the time of his accident.

The tape was captured by a nearby security camera and shows Hogan’s yellow Toyota Supra and another silver Dodge Viper stopped at a red light mere seconds before the accident. Hogan’s attorney says the Viper momentarily gets stuck behind a stalled car. This could contradict eyewitness reports that Nick’s Supra and a silver Viper were drag racing.

Nick’s attorney, Kevin Hayslett, spoke to TMZ and told them exactly what he thinks the video proves.

“This video is so important because there are people that law enforcement relied upon who said that Nick was driving a particular way on this particular stretch of road. They are claiming that he was speeding during that time period, driving recklessly, losing control of his car. One witness even claims he got to the intersection on Missouri Avenue and Court Street and had to slam on his brakes and nearly went into oncoming traffic.

The allegation of street racing is totally inconsistent with the video. If there is any race going on, even if the Viper was in a race, Nick wouldn’t know he was in it because he was so far ahead. That videotape is a complete 180 from what people claim happened and if they are wrong on that, how can we be sure they are right on other things?

I think eyewitness testimony is the least reliable. That’s why we have instant replay in football.”

WATCH THE VIDEO and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF! Was Nick Hogan Drag Racing or NOT?!

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