Off-Air Notes: What You Didn’t See Last Night On WWE RAW

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People Booed Cena every time he came on the screen, however, by the end of the night they were mostly all cheering him.

Security went after people taking cell phone photos or video and examined all signs when we entered the building.

Heat matches

Roughouse O’Reilly vs. Hardcore Holly
Typical Match with Holly winning with an Alabama Slam. Good to See Holly back.

K.C. James vs. Cody Rhodes
Sloppy match but Cody gets the victory.

Johnny Parisi vs. Ron Simmons
Ron Simmons gets the win. Total Squash match with Ron getting on the mic and saying DAMN!!!!!

The Highlanders vs London & Kendrick
Highlanders kinda played heels in this match, however London and Kendrick got the win.

After Raw went off the air Coachman said that Cena will defend the title right now against Orton. With the bottom roped still missing, Cena put Orton in the STFU for the Victory.

My friend and I both saw Orton stick a blood capsule of some sort in his mouth to give us the impression he was bleeding from the mouth but the Camera panned away.

Biggest Pop
2 Jon Cena
3 Bob Holly
4 Hornswoggle

Most Heat
1 Jon Cena
2 Daddy Cena
3 Coachman
4 Vince

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