TNA Hard Justice Results 8-12-2007

Hard Justice: Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Triple X [3-Way X-Division Dance]

Bell rings and we start with mayhem right away. Sonjay and Shelley in the ring now. Series of kicks by Dutt, answered by Shelley. Sabin and Dutt with a series of high flying maneuvers ending in a head scissors takeover by Dutt.

Dutt tags in Lethal to work on Daniels in the ring now. Double leg roll through by Lethal and Dutt. Slam on Daniels and they pull another double leg roll-through. Dutt tagged in now. Shelley tags himself in for Daniels. Dutt with a Samoan Roll and a standing Moonsault and a one count.

Sabin leaps in the ring and is arm-dragged by Lethal. Lethal sent to the corner toward Daniels. He knocks him off the apron and then Senshi pulls Lethal outside the ring and scoop slams him on the outside floor. Daniels rolls Lethal back inside.

Shelley tagged in. Double suplex by Sabin and Shelley. They then hit consecutive snap legdrops on Lethal and a two count for Shelley. Shelley now stands on the hair of a fallen Lethal and yanks his arms upward.

Shelley tags in Senshi and whips Lethal to the ropes. Big dropkick and a two count for Senshi. Senshi tags in Daniels and he atomic drops Senshi onto Lethal and then gets a two count. Daniels sends Lethal to his corner and tags in Senshi who mats Lethal and hits a snap elbow drop and a two count.

Senshi with a neck wrench on Lethal now. Lethal to the ropes but gets caught with an elbow to the head by Senshi. Daniels now has Lethal in his corner and he chokes Lethal and gets tagged in by Senshi.

Lethal runs to the turnbuckle and lifts off backward, hitting a back elbow on Daniels. Dutt tagged in. He grabs Daniels arm, walks the top rope and hits a hurricanrada and a two count. Lethal to the ropes and rolls through into a camel clutch on Daniels. Shelley slides in and superkicks Dutt mid-clutch.

Daniels and Lethal in now and he throws a clothesline, Lethal ducks. Again, and Lethal ducks again. Sabin slides in and he and Daniels double clothesline Lethal who also double clotheslines Daniels and Sabin. All three men down. Dutt baseball slides outside the ring toward Shelley who sidesteps and applies an abdominal stretch. Lethal then flies through the ropes to break it up. Daniels then hits a split legged Moonsault to the outside onto them both. Senshi and Sabin in the ring now exchanging blows and they turn to the outside and hit simultaneous suicide dives. Dutt now in the ring leaps over the rope and hits a springboard Moonsault to the outside onto all of the remaining men.

Inside the ring now, Sabin ties up Daniels in the Tree of Woe. Referee tries to get Daniels off. Elix Skipper runs in and crotches Sabin across the top rope, walks the ropes and hits a springboard headscissors. Daniels is free now and gets a tow count. Daniels sets up for an underhook suplex but Shelley flies in with a dropkick. Senshi then flies in with an elbow smash. Lethal flies in with an elbow. And then Dutt springboards in onto Sabin. Daniels now springboards toward Dutt but he misses. Lethal hits an insiguri on Daniels. Dutt with an incredible swinging maneuver, and a standing Moonsault and a two count. Lethal now to the ropes and gets sandwiched by Shelley and Sabin who then hit double diamond cutters. Sabin with a back kick and a pin attempt. Dutt breaks it up.

Senshi atomic drops Shelley and climbs the ropes. Dutt out of nowhere rolling clotheslines a climbing Senshi. He climbs now too. Daniels has Dutt in a Fireman’s carry over his shoulders. Senshi climbs and footstomps off of Dutt, then footstomps onto Shelley. Daniels death valley drivers Lethal and pins….1….2… broken up. Daniels now goes for Angel’s wings but gets shoved off into Senshi who is on the ropes, knocking him off. Lethal quickly rolls up Daniels and scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winner: Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt

Hard Justice: Kaz vs. Raven

Raven starts the match by asking Kaz to join him again. Kaz shakes his hand and then turns and clocks Raven with a kendo stick. Raven in charge most of the early going. Off the ropes he hits a leaping clothesline and a kick to the head of Kaz.

Raven paint brushing him while he’s down and he delivers a few Crossface shots and taunts him with slaps. Kaz throws punches back and gets up and is on fire with forearm shots then he hits a dropkick. Martyr in and he goes for a superkick of Kaz but instead hits Havoc. Raven shoves Martyr. Kaz charges and clotheslines Martyr and Raven to the outside. Havoc is on the apron dazed. Kaz springboards onto him and hurricanrada’s him to the floor. Raven clocks Kaz with a kendo stick.

Raven calls for the Evenflow. Kaz twists out, hits the ropes and hits a big boot to the face and scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winner: Kaz

Hard Justice: Rhino vs. James Storm [Bar Room Brawl]

Rhino starts by throwing a chair at James storm from the middle of the ring to the outside. They immediately brawl into the crowd.

All the way around the stands they go, exchanging blows. Storm whips Rhino into the wall. Back to ringside now and Rhino opens up a beer bottle and downs one then hits Storm with it. He then takes a dummy that is behind the bar and clocks Storm with it. Rhino then clocks Storm with a crutch. He shakes up a mini keg and guzzles it down and shoots it in the face of Storm.

Storm now takes the upper hand and suplexes Rhino on the ramp.

Rhino now opens a bottle of vodka and downs it and then stuffs James Storms face in a prop toilet bowl. Inside the ring finally. Rhino to the ropes, and sends Storm over the top rope to the outside. Rhino sets up a ladder propped up between the rail and the ring apron. He sends Storm toward it and Storm ducks under, Rhino just shoves the ladder into Storm anyway.

Jackie Moore hits the ring and Rhino picks her up for a press slam. Storm cuts him off and he drops Jackie. Storm hits Rhino with a trash can lid and then Storm sends Rhino over the top rope to the outside onto that ladder that was set up.

Rhino belly-to-belly suplexes Storm and sets up a table in the corner. Rhino hits a spinebuster on Storm now. Rhino charges for a Gore but Storm moves and Rhino goes through the table. Storm hooks the leg and gets a two count.

Storm clocks Rhino with a trashcan and then a chair. He sets up Rhino for a con-chair-to and he hits it.

Storm now hits a Superkick but does not pin Rhino, instead he gets a beer bottle and cracks it over the back of Rhino’s head and then pins him. Your Winner: James Storm

Hard Justice: Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. Latin American Exchange

Fans start by chanting for LAX as Homicide and BG lock up to start things off. Standing switches and we break. Fans then chant “DX Rejects.” Kip James kicking homicide now and he whips Homicide into the turnbuckle.

Standing sidewalk slam for Kip and he tags in B.G. Kicks to the back of the head of Homicide by BG. Homicide propped in the corner and BG rams the lower back of Homicide, then snap mares him out and kicks him in the back. Kip James tagged back in and hits a delay suplex on Homicide and a two count.

Bear hug not by Kip James on Homicide in the middle of the ring. Homicide makes a desperation tag to Hernandez, who flies in over the top ropes and double clotheslines VKM. He choke tosses BG and then a double team maneuver on Kip James.

Hernandez sets up a Border Toss on B.G. but Roxxi Laveaux tosses powder in the eyes of Hernandez, forcing him to drop BG. Kip James then hits the Fame-Asser and rolls up Hernandez for the pinfall. After the match, Hector Guerrero comes to the ring and tells the referee about the powder. Referee re-starts the match. Quickly Homicide rolls up Kip James and gets the three count. Your Winner: Latin American Exchange After the match LAX face off with Hector Guerrero, confused why he helped them out. They look at each other and leave.


Hard Justice: Robert Roode vs. Eric Young [Ultimate Humiliation Match]

Bell rings and Roode charges Young. Throws punches to Young’s head. Young clotheslines Roode to the outside of the ring.

Outside, Ms. Brooks distracts Young, and he tries to climb the ropes to get back in the ring. Roode then hits the ropes and shoves Young off the apron into the guardrail. Roode sends Young back inside now and goes back to work with kicks on a fallen EY.

Roode clotheslines Young in the corner and a two count. Rear chinlock slapped on by Roode. Young battles to a vertical base. Young rolls forward out of the hold. Young sent to the corner and he tries a flying legscissors but Roode reverses and faceplants him.

Roode climbs to the second rope and hits a flying knee drop and a two count only. Goes for a second pin attempt but again only gets two.

Young tries to battle back with punches and hits a crucifix pin, but only gets two. Roode charges Young in the corner, but gets shoulder blocked. Young then hits a Belly to belly suplex and a two count.

Young slingshots Ms Brooks into Robert Roode, then puts her in a Fireman’s carry and tries to get Roode in a fireman’s carry as well but they wriggle off his shoulders. Young now climbs the ropes. Brooks tries to pull him down and he trips. Roode kicks Young while in flight. Ms Brooks tosses in a pair of brass knuckles to Roode who catches them and clocks Young with it. Roode then scores the pinfall and the victory. Your Winner: Robert Roode

Post-match Roode says it’s time for him to humiliate Young. Gail Kim runs down and covers up Young. Roode tells her not to stick her nose in his business and he grabs her hair. Brooks clocks Kim. Roode has Ms Brooks hold Kim back and he winds up and throws a punch. Kim moves and Roode connects with Ms Brooks. Roode is beating on Kim and Young turns around and kicks Roode below the belt. He says he won’t be getting tarred and feathered, but he knows who is. He tars up Ms. Brooks and then dumps the feathers on her.

Hard Justice: Chris Harris vs. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes, called Black Reign enters from the opposite entrance way behind Chris Harris. Rhodes is wearing a black and white leather suit that resembles La Parka, also with full face paint. He attacks him from behind and knocks Harris outside. Rhodes beating on Harris with punches. Harris is busted open and Rhodes sends Harris into the guardrail.

Still outside, Rhodes still with punches, he gets right in his face and stares and throws punches. Rhodes exposes a turnbuckle and sends Harris into it. Rhodes slides inside and is on the mat crawling, staring at Harris.

Inside the ring finally and Rhodes grabs a pair of handcuffs and clocks Harris with it, then he clocks the referee intentionally. Harris is dazed and bloody in the corner. Rhodes screaming in his face and sets up for the Shattered Dreams kick. But then instead hits a Bulldog.

Rhodes now in deranged fashion gets the handcuffs and chokes Harris with them. Another referee comes to the ring and disqualifies Rhodes. Rhodes acting in a demented fashion. Handcuffs Harris to the ropes in the corner. Security hits the ring but Rhodes takes them each out. Rhodes grabs his scepter with a spike on the end. Rhodes climbs the ropes the Harris is cuffed to and sits on it. He screams and then jams the spike on Harris’ head. Wrestlers now come down from the locker room. Kaz, Lethal, and Dutt shield Harris. Rhodes just stands there deranged and finally backs away and leaves. Your Winner: Chris Harris

Hard Justice: The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3D

Rick Steiner and Brother D-Von start off with D-Von attacking Rick with punches. Rope to rope goes Rick who picks up D-Von and slams him. Scott in as well as Brother Ray who gets back body dropped. Scott then does the same to D-Von.

Team 3D slides outside and tells them to screw themselves, they are leaving, and they start to exit up the ramp. The Steiners slide out and bring them back down to ringside. Rick sends Brother Ray into the ring but he rakes the eyes of Rick Steiner. Scott tagged in now.

Scott sends Ray to the ropes and clotheslines him then drops the elbow and gets a two count. Ray chops Scott and sidewalk slams him. D-Von tagged in and Team 3D goes for a double clothesline but Scott Steiner double clotheslines Team 3D instead. Scott Steiner belly to belly’s D-Von and tags in Rick Steiner who applies a Crossface Crippler, then delivers some forearm crososface shots.

Team 3D in charge now as D-Von applies an abdominal stretch. Ray jumps in and he clocks Steiner while he is stretched out. Ray tagged in now and he elbows Steiner to he scar under his ribs. Rick Steiner now in and he starts to pummel Ray.

D-Von sent into Steiner by Ray. Scott clotheslines D-Von and tags in Rick. Back body drop on Ray and then one for D-Von. Rick T-Bone suplexes Dvon and then T-Bones Ray. D-Von planted on the top rope in a seated position. Scott tagged in. He sets up a belly-to-belly suplex and hits the overhead release belly-to-belly suplex and a two count for Scott.

Ray gets Scott Steiner on his Shoulders and D-Von climbs the ropes. They hit the Doomsday Device. Two count. D-Von climbs the ropes for the WASSAAPPP Headbutt. Scott climbs the top ropes and hits a Frankensteiner off the top ropes! Scott applies the Steiner Recliner to D-Von but Ray breaks it up.

Rick Steiner to the ropes. Team 3D setting up the 3D. Rick gets out of it and back body drops Ray up and over the ropes. Scott has D-Von on his shoulders. Rick hits the Top Rope Bulldog and Scott Steiner gets the pinfall on D-Von. Your Winners: The Steiner Brothers


Hard Justice: Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones is introduced by Mike Tenay. He makes his way to the ring. Tenay extends his hand to shake and Jones just turns away and stares out into the crowd. Jones takes off his vest. Tenay asked Jones why wrestling. Pacman says that as a kid growing up he always wanted to wrestle, now is his chance. He then asks why TNA? Jones says TNA is a trendsetter and so is Pacman Jones. Ron Killings music hits and here he comes with a mic. Jones turns and stares at Killings.

Killings says that this is not a team sport. Wrestling is all about who is going to screw who first. He says that Jones contract says that he cannot have physical activity in the ring. He says that’s a bitch. Fans start to chant “He’s a bitch.” Jones takes the mic. Killings says that this is good and bad. He said that we don’t have to worry about Pacman whipping anyone’s a$$ here. But on the other hand there is a locker room full of superstars that want to take Jones out. Killings says that Pacman better watch his back. Jones laughs, he says that Killings talks a lot, and he wants him to walk the walk. Killings makes his way to the ring and security tackles Killings. Pacman tells them to let him go.

Security takes Killings up the ramp and to the back. Jones says he’ll be back there soon, not to worry.

Hard Justice: Tomko, A.J. Styles, Christian Cage vs. Abyss, Andrew Martin, Sting [Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match]

During Abyss’ entrance. Tomko, Cage, and Styles attack Abyss. The Punisher’s theme plays and he hits the ring quickly and goes to work on all three members of the Coalition. Lights go out. Lights on and we have Sting in the ring. With a chair, and he clocks Tomko.

Abyss and Styles inside the ring now and they exchange blows. Abyss faceplants AJ. Outside the ring Sting has busted Tomko open with a chair shot. AJ hits an insiguri on Abyss and he falls through the ropes to the outside. AJ goes rope to rope and flies over the ropes through the cage door and planachas onto Abyss.

In the ring Andrew Martin hits a big boot on Cage and calls for a Pump Handle Slam and hits. He goes for a pin but cannot do so because Cage is not bleeding yet. Cage climbing the cage but stops once he runs into the barbedwire. Abyss now sends Cage into the cage. Abyss about to chokeslam Cage when Tomko busts him with the chair. Sting outside the ring trying to get in, but Cage and Tomko try to keep him from getting in.

AJ and Cage now lock the door so Sting cannot get in the cage. Cage grabs a piece of glass and cuts Abyss across the forehead then cuts his arm. Cage beating on Abyss as he is a bloody mess. Tomko powerslams Andrew Martin.

Martin trying to fight back. Sting has come back to ringside with a wire cutter and he is taking away some of the barbed wire on a section of the top of the cage. He moves it away and is able to climb into the ring. AJ and Tomko try to keep him out but Sting makes it in. He kicks Tomko causing him to fall and straddle the top rope and then he punches Styles who goes flying. Once in, Cage tries to attack Sting but gets punched. Tomko clocks Sting with a chair. Abyss tries to chokeslam him but gets reverses into a choke toss by Tomko on to a chair. AJ climbs the ropes and hits a big Frogsplash, Cage then hits one of his own on Abyss and pins him. But only gets two.

Cage empties a bag of broken glass in the middle of the ring. Cage tries to escape the cage where the barbed wire is missing. He gets up and over. AJ tries to get out as well but he gets pulled back in. Cage starts to back up the ramp. Martin sends AJ into Abyss, who Black Hole Slams AJ onto the glass. Abyss pins him for the victory. Your Winners: Abyss, Andrew Martin, Sting


Hard Justice: Samoa Joe [c] vs. Kurt Angle [c] [Winner Take All Match]

Angle makes his way to the ring, looking downtrodden. He drops on of his belts as he staggers hopelessly to the ring. Angle also has some new theme music with vocals. Samoa Joe does a little Samoan dance before walking down the ramp. He reaches the ring with all of his gold.

We have the typical in-ring main event introductions by Jeremy Borash. Bell rings and we lock up. Joe pushes Angle against the ropes and we break.

Angle with a side headlock takeover of Joe and he hands onto the headlock on the mat. Joe sends Angle to the ropes and shoulderblocks him down. Karen Angle and her new man make their way to ringside to observe the match. Angle walks outside and starts to taunt the guy she is with. Back inside the ring. Angle arm bars Joe.

Broken hold and Angle drops down to the floor and keeps looking over at his wife. Joe slaps on a headlock and Angle reverses it, slamming Joe down to the mat and then retreating outside the ring. Angle gets back inside now and they lock up again. Top wristlock applied on Joe. Angle looks over at his wife and Joe breaks the hold.

Joe applies a side headlock. Angle tries to send Joe to the ropes but Joe hangs onto Kurt’s clothing and comes back to re-apply. Angle now takes the straps down and tosses punches at Joe and whips Joe the ropes . Joe sunset flips Angle and yanks the tights down. Angle runs outside the ring. Angle’s wife and new man are shown laughing. Angle goes up to his wife and she taunts him, and then splashes the champagne in his face. Joe then takes him back inside the ring and lands a big kick and then a knee drop. Two count for Joe.

Joe sends Angle into the corner, and he shoulderblocks the steel ringpost. Angle now hits a German suplex. And both men are down.

Angle to his feet and punches Joe. Throwing punches over and over, then kicks to the face of Joe. Angle now with a German suplex and hangs on, hits a second, hangs on, Joe reverses into a German of his own and hits an overhead release suplex.

Joe clotheslines Angle but Angle fights back with an uppercut. Angle to the ropes and Joe hits a snap powerslam. Two count for Joe. Joe with a standing kick and a two count.

Angle now hits a release German suplex. Angle goes for an Olympic slam. Blocked by Joe Angle sends Joe to the corner and charges, but caught by Joe with an arm who full body slams Angle and gets a two count.
Joe now tries for a Muscle buster, but Angle rolls through and applies the Ankle Lock. Joe rolls through and sends Angle into the corner. Joe applies the Rear Naked Choke, Angle drops down, rolls through and applies an Ankle Lock. Angle tossed off. Now he hits an Olympic Slam and gets a two count.

Angle hits an uppercut on Joe and plants Joe on the top ropes, seated. Angle tries a belly-to-belly suplex but Joe Headbutts him and shoves him off. Angle leaps back up and all in one motion overhead belly to bellies Joe to the mat. Angle gets a two count. Kurt is getting frustrated and now looks toward his wife and screams something. He climbs the ropes and goes for a Moonsault. Joe moves, Angle misses. Joe plants Angle on the top rope and chops his chest.. Joe hits the Muscle Buster and NEARLY GETS THREE!. Angle barely gets the shoulder up.

Joe now applies the Rear Naked Choke and drapes the legs around. Angle bites Joe’s hand to get him to release the hold. Angle now applies the Ankle Lock. Joe rolls through and yanks Angle backward. Joe slaps on the Rear Naked Choke again.

Angle gets his foot on the ropes and we break. Fans chanting, “This is awesome!” Joe short arm whips Angle, but he reverses and goes fro a clothesline. Joe ducks and Angle hits the referee. Joe applies the Rear Naked Choke and Angle taps out! But the referee is knocked out cold! Joe relinquishes the hold and Angle e low blows Joe. Angle’s wife now comes to ringside and is trying to give Joe a steel chair. Joe was just about to take it when she pulls it away from him and smiles. Angle’s wife tosses Kurt the chair. He clocks Joe in the head and pins him f or the victory. Your Winner: Kurt Angle The Angle’s and the man who was supposed to be her new boyfriend all celebrate in the ring together as Kurt and Karen hug and kiss, then raise all of the belts up to the sky in victory.


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