Media Covering Wrestling Tonight, Kennedy Gets Spoofed, Hogan Fan Wrestles

source: Wrestling Observer

— Tonight on CNN Headline News, both Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck will have more pro wrestling talk, likely centered around the death of John Kronus. The preview for tonight’s show from Nancy Grace’s website reads:

“Another professional wrestler, another death this week. Are drugs involved? And is there a link? Nancy Grace investigates tonight, 8 and 10 ET.”

There is also a photo of John Kronus on the page. writer Bryan Alvarez and the legendary Bruno Sammartino are slated to appear on the show tonight, among others. Additionally, the following preview came from the Glenn Beck mailing list:

“Professional wrestling is nothing more than an over-inflated, oiled-up example of how violent our society has become. It glorifies the very worst we can be as people, athletes and Americans. Find out how Glenn got there tonight at 7&9pm EST on Headline News.”

— Justin Shapiro of has posted up a hilarious parody article spoofing Ken Kennedy’s blog entry from last week in which he blamed the media on the coverage of the deaths of Chris Benoit and his family. He replaced the Benoit story with the Michael Vick dog fighting investigation story currently making headlines. You can read the spoof article at this link.

— Chris Sader, the super Hulk Hogan fan who has been featured on WWE Confidential, Raw Magazine and Hogan Knows Best, will be making his professional wrestling debut at an indy show tomorrow night in Medinah, Illinois.

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