New SmackDown Tag Team, OVW Breaks Company Record, Piper Update


– Paul Burchill teamed with Dave Taylor at WWE SmackDown live events over the weekend. Following William Regal returning to RAW, Taylor was in need of a new partner or was facing the possibility of being buried on the roster. It appears that Burchill (with his new “The Ripper” persona) will fill that role as Taylor’s partner.

– Ohio Valley Wrestling drew 800 fans to their event this past Friday in Louisville, Kentucky which is said to be one of their largest crowds in company history.

– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was featured in MTV’s “The Super Sweet 16: The Movie” that aired on the network over the weekend. Piper plays the role of the father of one of the main characters. While he isn’t “Roddy Piper” in the flick, his character is a former professional wrestler who used to wrestle in a kilt. This was Piper’s first project since his lymphoma went into remission. The film will be released on DVD tomorrow.

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