Gabriele Grunewald, morte à 33 ans : La lettre poignante de son mari

Voilà dix ans que les médecins ont diagnostiqué une forme rare de cancer à Gabriele Grunewald. La spécialiste du demi-fond est morte à 33 ans mardi 12 juin 2019, au sein du centre de soins palliatifs de l’hôpital de Minneapolis (Minnesota). Sa carrière décolle dans les années 2000 et Gabriele, qui courait à l’époque sous son nom de jeune fille, Anderson, était une véritable révélation de la course.

Seulement, lorsqu’elle a 22 ans, on lui diagnostique une forme rare de cancer de la glande salivaire. Malgré de lourds traitements, Gabriele remporte le titre américain du 3 000m américain en 2014. Tout semblait aller mieux, jusqu’à ce que les médecins découvrent que le carcinome adéoïde kystique est réapparu, juste après avoir disputé deux épreuves aux sélections olympiques. Elle disputera sa dernière compétition en 500 m lors des championnats des États-Unis.

“La vie t’a donné la plus difficile des tâches”

Je sais que la vie est effrayante et que nous avons gagné à la loterie de l’incertitude, et ce n’est pas juste, mais j’ai quand même choisi cette vie incertaine. (…) Je sais que la vie t’a donné la plus difficile des tâches, celle de rester forte malgré ces énormes doses de peur. La tâche de sourire lorsque ta gorge te pétrifie de douleur et que tes yeux veulent pleurer. (…) Il n’y a pas de mots dans le dictionnaire pour ce que tu subis ou ce que tu es. Le mot courage n’est pas assez fort en comparaison de ce que tu es pour moi et tant d’autres gens. Les gens ne se rappelleront pas de tes courses, mais de cette fille qui n’a jamais abandonné ni perdu espoir. Je t’aime“, a t-il déclaré.

Justin et Gabriele ont créé ensemble l’association Brave Like Gabe (“Courageuse comme Gabi” en français), qui vient en aide aux malades du cancer par le biais de l’exercice physique.

*** update read whole post *** It breaks my heart to say but overnight Gabriele’s status worsened with worsening liver function causing confusion. Wanting to do her no harm we have made the difficult decision to move her to comfort cares this afternoon. I wanted to let you all know while she is still alive so you can send her one last message here or on her wall or on her phone before she heads up to heaven. I wrote this to her a couple years ago below and wanted to share what she means to me. Dear Gabriele, First, thank you. Thank you so much for showing me what it’s like to be and feel alive. It’s easy to pass through life day to day and punch a time card wishing away the hours. Currently although I don’t always show it, I cherish every second. Whether we are out running, binging on a new Netflix series, or just lying in bed being lazy. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I see your smiling face. I know life is scary and I know we have won the lottery of uncertainty, and it’s not fair, but I still choose our life of uncertainly and at times fear, over any alternative option I could think of. I have so much fun with you and have learned more from having you as my best friend and wife than I learned in the rest of my life combined. I know you have been given the heaviest of tasks in life. The task of being brave despite feeling enormous amounts of fear. The task of smiling when your throat wells up with pain and eyes want to fill with tears, but I don’t think you were chosen by random chance, and again I know that’s not fair but you are so amazing at being you and that’s why I feel bravelikegabe is so special. Because there isn’t a word in the dictionary for what you do or who you are. Brave flails in comparison to what you are to me and to so many people out there facing the simplest and silliest of struggles in day to day life. At the end of the day people won’t remember the PRs run or the teams qualified for but they will remember that hard period in their life where they were losing hope but they found inspiration in a young lady who refuses to give up. I love you #bravelikegabe #runningonhope

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle, the other as though everything is a miracle.” @gigrunewald chose the latter. We got her home to our comfy couch and she is resting peacefully and breathing easy surrounded by her best friends and family. She made it home in time to see some extra special finishes @chipgaines, @joannagaines, and @brockwayne put on our new condo to make it feel like home. For that, I have no words. #bravelikegabe #runningonhope #keeprunningonhope

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When your wife has a crazy idea, you should always listen to her. She has done more for medicine in 3 months than I have done in 8 years. #md #bravelikegabe #runhappy

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