Mark Henry Talks His Hall Of Pain Run, On Why He Didn’t Have One Last Match, What He Does Now

WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry was this week’s guest on the E&C Pod Of Awesomeness where he discussed his career in detail.

On his Hall Of Pain run:

“That was probably my best work and I was given the chance to do what I wanted. I had the freedom to have a promo segment against somebody like John Cena and I could go out there and say “just because you won championships and the company is behind you doesn’t mean that I do.” If you tell the truth, not saying that John Cena is a bad human being because he’s not, but when I walked between those ropes Vince told me not to hurt nobody, and that was it.”

On why he never had one final match:

“I’ve been injured for about three years and I didn’t want to. It wasn’t Vince or the office or having some kind of heat, I just told them I am done, I don’t want to wrestle no more, I was just hurting everywhere. I tore my knee up in 2022 and it was bad, I used to sit on the floor and ask people to step on my knee cap to pop it back in place rather than going to get it fixed. Even though I healed up, I was still in pain all the time.”

What he is currently doing:

“I have been doing the ambassador thing, I am not doing it currently, right now the only thing I am employed to do is with Sirius XM. I have my own Strongman show and we are doing our first show in Washington D.C.”

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