Drake Maverick Fires Back at Twitter Troll, Mustafa Ali’s WWE 2K19 Rating, Photo of Wrestling MediaCon’s 2018 HOF Class

After a Twitter troll took a shot at WWE star Drake Maverick, the 205 Live GM fired back with the following:

I may be using a filter but you may need to use some platforms to look taller https://t.co/QL5EAdfp0Z

— Kirsty (@KirstyWWE) September 8, 2018

Now; if I came back and attacked you with ANYTHING right now, like, any kind of imperfection about yourself I’d be a bad person & you’d cry to all that would listen. Right?

BUT YOU HAVE TWITTER & IM ON TV EVERY WEEK – So you can say anything & it’s acceptable…That your logic? https://t.co/voiACHXTJE

— Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick) September 8, 2018

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No your ‘opinion’ was a direct insult.

Don’t worry maybe you’ll attack someone else about their sexual orientation next? How about their weight? That’s fine, right? Just your ‘opinion’ after all so ALL GOOD 👍🏼

Think about what you say. While you’re at it jump in the sea too. https://t.co/9dAPWpYjRs

— Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick) September 8, 2018

Photo of Wrestling MediaCon’s 2018 HOF Class

The Wrestling MediaCon is currently taking place in The UK, and below is a photo of this year’s Hall of Fame class:

The #wrestlemediacon #halloffame class of 2018 @coltcabana @davidmeltzer Findlay Martin & Martin Goldsmith #Manchester #Wrestling pic.twitter.com/zlEoFXrWfX

— Wrestling MediaCon (@WrestlingMediaC) September 8, 2018

Our next inductee in the #wrestlemediacon #halloffame is the one and only @coltcabana! #manchester #wrestling #podcast pic.twitter.com/3XNEEXGAxJ

— Wrestling MediaCon (@WrestlingMediaC) September 8, 2018

Mustafa Ali’s WWE 2K19 Rating

WWE 2K19 has revealed Mustafa Ali’s video game rating as seen below:

#BeTheLight with @MustafaAliWWE in #WWE2K19!#WWE2K19RatingReveal #205Live https://t.co/8O60aHhvPs pic.twitter.com/nfihg6dHeA

— WWE 2K19 (@WWEgames) September 8, 2018

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